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Our Routing Module

  • Residential customers are automatically routed onto both trash and recycling routes without operator intervention when customers are added to current service areas
  • Detailed report of routing-to-service-requirement discrepancies allows dispatch to adjust customer service coverage to changes in service requirements
  • Commercial accounts can be scheduled for pickups daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, same day each month - the driver will see only those customers who need to be serviced without having to create a different route sheet for every change in schedule; the dispatcher cannot make a mistake in printing the wrong route sheet...there is only one
  • Tickets confirming service are created at the same time the route is printed, in the order the drivers are to service them
  • Services can be billed by ticket even though they are routed
  • Roll-off services can be both scheduled and on-demand and printed in the order the drivers are to service them
  • Residential routes are built by the segment of the street serviced, not by the customer; one line can schedule 100 to 200 customers
  • Sections of a route can quickly by merged into other routes to adjust for summer and winter schedules
  • Route management worksheets can be printed to assist in the optimization process
  • Export of route detail to mapping software such as Map Info is easily accomplished to allow one to get that picture which is worth a thousand words
  • Data is easily exported to optimization products such as Route Smart or Fleet Route




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