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Our Inventory Module

  • Full detail of inventory items stocked including description, vendor, cost, price including burden, purchasing details, multiple vendor purchase options, multiple warehouses and multiple locations
  • Use the vendor's or manufacturer's item number in your inventory; special management software allows you to have the same item number in your inventory base from different vendors without conflicts or confusion
  • Full transaction history shows exactly where every item came from and where it went
  • Interfaced with the purchase order system to allow quick generation of re-order items and quantities as well as immediate updates of quantities on hand through the receiving module
  • Multiple note types allow quick access to the item details you need, including warranty, R&R detail instructions, associated parts listings and tricks to save time in the proper installation of a part
  • Full usage history to allow the identification of parts no longer being used, to assist in the management of the inventory cost
  • Structured classification format of Component, Manufacturer, Assembly and Part Group for quick lookup of vehicle parts available
  • Full journalized physical inventory routine to track actual against computer quantities to provide accurate inventory valuation and reduce shrinkage problems
  • Fully interfaced with shop orders to manage the update of the on-hand quantities by location; if an item is brought in for a shop order but not used, it is quite visible in the inventory stock under a special non-stock classification
  • All non-stocked items are tracked through the inventory system, just in case it never gets onto that piece of equipment




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